The Best Guide to Keto and Alcohol


Will Drinking Alcohol Kick You Out of Ketosis?

This article discusses the effects of alcohol on ketosis at large. You might not want to quit alcohol just because you are in ketosis. However, drinking will hinder your efforts to losing weight when on a keto diet. Effects of alcohol are likely to affect you faster when you are on a keto diet. It is preferred that you use hard liquor when on the keto diet.

Drinking alcohol during ketosis will slow things a little bit for you. All alcohols speed up aging, and they are not bulletproof. If you are to drink when on ketosis, consider highly distilled and filtered drinks. 

Does Alcohol Increase Your Ketosis?

Many people believe that drinking increases ketosis, which is partially true. Research conducted in the 1970s showed how drinking alcohol and high-fat diet let to increased ketonuria. Ketonuria means large amounts of ketone bodies in the urine. This condition was attributed to the delayed change of intermediary metabolism resulting from depletion of alcohol-induced glycogen. Ketonuria is not an immediate effect of alcohol.

Drinking on a high-fat diet depletes your glycogen, hence the live metabolism changes. The liver uses intermediate energy instead of fat, thus a slowed weight loss progress. It results in a quick burst of ketones.

Alcohol and the Fat-Burning Process


Drinking sweet cocktails and beer that are full of carbs and sugar will bring you out of ketosis instantly. Even vodka and dry wine cause effects on some people also thought they have few calories. The way the liver processes the liquor is the problem, not the amount of sugar and calories in it.

When entirely on a ketogenic diet, your body metabolizes stored fat for energy. Drinking switches the livers metabolism to using byproducts of alcohol for energy instead of fat, hence fatty acids oxidation is slowed until all alcohol leaves the system. Even regular spirits drinkers will see effects like delayed fat burning process.

Why do Keto Drinkers Get Drunk Fast?

gin and tonic

Eating carbs helps in slowing the metabolization of alcohol. They help reduce blood alcohol levels, hence a delayed tipsy feeling. However, people on a ketogenic diet have very little glycogen stored in them; therefore, alcohol is processed very fast to give energy. That makes keto drinkers get hit by effects of alcohol faster than carb drinkers.


Drinking when on ketogenic diet inhibits and weakens your willpower. That makes people shift from eating healthy snacks to eating high-carb meals which quickly kicks them out of ketosis. You might end up throwing all your efforts to the wind for simple carelessness. You need high focus and willpower to live a healthy ketogenic lifestyle. Eat keto snacks whenever you feel some cravings. 

The Best Keto Alcohol Options to Consider

drinking alcohol

This is the best guide for keto drinkers. Having one or two drinks with friends will not kick yours out of ketosis. Alcohol is not bulletproof.

Hard Liquor

You might consider drinking vodka, whiskey, scotch, gin, tequila, rum, or brandy. These types have around 40% alcohol, with zero sugars and carbs in them. They are keto-friendly. You can mix spirits with straight water and stay in ketosis. However, mixing hard liquor with tonic water, soda, and sugary drinks will introduce carbs in your drink and kick you out of ketosis. Avoid flavored alcohols because they contain extra sugar. Consider the White Russian or strawberry margarita as they swap out sugary mixers.


Avoid cheap wine because it might contain residual sugars (5g per ounce). You can include a glass of dry wine on dinner because it offers less than 1 gram per ounce. Remember that most wines are not bulletproof, even though they are okay on keto. Wines usually have tens of other additives kept from being known by the consumers. These additives are ammonia, defoaming agents, artificial coloring, metals, and chemicals. Consider Dry Farm Wines because the founders are keto followers. 

Keto-friendly dry white wines include:

  • Italian pinot grigio (0.6g carbs/ounce).
  • Pinot Blanc (0.57g carbs/ounce).
  • Sauvignon Blanc (0.6g carbs/ounce).

Keto-friendly, dry red wines include:

  • Merlot (0.74g carbs/ounce).
  • Pinot noir (0.68g carbs/ounce).
  • Cabernet sauvignon (0.75 carbs/ounce).


You need to avoid beet at all cost if you are on a bulletproof and ketogenic diet. Beer is made of yeast, mold toxins, gluten ochratoxin A, hops, barley and water. Sugar is usually broken down to sugar maltose when acted on by yeast. That makes it yield high carb amount than hard liquor. Consider making gluten-free beer now that you know beer is not bulletproof. Read on gluten-free beer from Omission Brewing Co. 

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