Keto For Losing Weight

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Now that we are all convinced that the Ketogenic diet is the best way to lose weight, let us see some tips and steps that will help us stick to this best weight loss program.

Please refer to our Ketogenic weight loss diet plan that we have discussed in detail on this site. This will help you shop for ingredients and get all things organized to help you stick to the plan. When you are ready, also try to add some high intensity workout program to enhance your weight loss efforts. You could opt for some high intensity brisk walking (at least 2 times per week), or you could take up activities like jumping rope, basketball, swimming and/or aerobic dance.

Research has proven time and again that such workouts with high intensity bursts help boost the calorie-burn more than steady pace training does. High intensity or vigorous exercise along with the Ketogenic diet plan constitute the best ways of losing weight since both activities increase the insulin sensitivity of the muscles as well as the overall metabolic rate.

They also reduce insulin levels in the body so that the cells have no option but to burn fat instead of sugar for fuel. This results in weight loss. How the ketogenic diet works for weight loss has also been discussed in detail on this site.

Keto Live Healthy

Here are some more points to remember when using the best weight loss diet plan/ketogenic diet. These are the tried and tested methods that have been recommended by experts. Also remember you may sometimes hit a weight loss plateau so don’t let that stop you!

  1. Maintain a Journal to track your progress
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Write down how much you eat during all your daily meals. This activity will help you with portion control and also help you track calories. A daily food log maintained for at least 6 days a week will help in two ways: by giving you greater awareness and creating a reality check.  Research has actually proven that people who maintain a food journal are twice as successful in losing weight as compared to those who do not. Maintaining a food log when combined with the ketogenic diet, which is the best weight loss diet plan, can easily help one lose their targeted number of pounds per month.

  1. Have patience

Patience is one of the key mental strategies required for losing weight. The principle is simple: when you are patient and forgiving while trying to lose weight, you are less stressed. This, in turn, will increase your body’s fat burning capacity.  Impatience and stress, on the other hand, will lower your progress.

  1. Set a realistic goal and stick to it

A lot of people set their ideal weight loss goal as something highly unrealistic and, as a result, set themselves up for failure. Experts from the University of Colorado Health Sciences believe that, as an initial goal, one should not try to lose more than 10% of total body weight at a time. Once this goal has been achieved, one can build on its success and aim to lose 10% more.

Setting A Goal
  1. Be consistent using the 3 rules of consistency
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Consistency is the key to losing weight when following the best weight loss diet plan or the ketogenic diet. There are 3 rules to remember here:

  • Never tell yourself that you are not motivated.
  • Try and build momentum one step at a time and
  • Try and identify problems and obstacles that usually stop you from following your healthy routine.
  1. Educate yourself about weight loss

Find out your BMI or body mass index. Learn how to determine this number and also find out your daily calorie needs. Read about the tips for losing weight so that you can stick to the plan and keep it off consistently. On this site, we have plenty of resources that will help you in your weight loss journey.

  1. Eat less

Here we are not asking you to starve yourself. However, you can divide your meals into smaller portions and eat 6 small meals instead of 4 large ones. Use smaller plates for dinner as this will trick you into thinking that you are eating more. Drink plenty of water and avoid sports drinks, sodas and fruit drinks. Visit the links provided on this site for the list of allowed foods when following the ketogenic diet plan.

Eating Less On Keto

These steps will certainly help you stick to your weight loss goals. These, combined with the ketogenic diet plan, are not just the best ways to lose weight but also the best ways to keep it off for life.