Low Carb Beer Options

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Are you a fan of beer but avoid drinking it due to its high carb content, especially while on the Ketogenic diet? Are you craving beer on Keto or Atkins? Before you give in to those terrible tasting, so-called light beers, wait a moment. Read this guide as well as our brief low carb beer comparison list (which includes our top 10 favorite brands) so that you can choose the right options without compromising in taste or quality.

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Beer and Carbs: A Few Facts

Beer normally contains 10-15 grams of carbohydrates and most people think that darker and heavier the beer, the more its carb content. However; that is not always the case and light beer is not always low carb beer and vice a versa.

The carbohydrate content in beer comes from its Maltose. Maltose is nothing but malted barley- a type of sugar having high GI or high glycemic index. When beer is fermented with age, the maltose or the sugar is mostly used up in the process. So, according to many experts, there is no Maltose in the beer you buy from stores and nor is it listed on the bottles. Yet; beer does contain carbohydrates which must be accounted for if you are counting your carbs. This carbohydrate content varies with brands and most regular beers contain 12 grams of carbs in each 12 ounce can.

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And now, without further adieu, we will discuss our fave top 10 low carb beer brands.

Top 10 Brands of low carb beer

  1. The pioneers of low carb beer were the Australian Pure Blonde and Hahn Super Dry. These, today, have many competitors.
  2. Most ale varieties are healthier than beers as they have greater antioxidant content as well as heart-protecting abilities. Ones that are worth mentioning include New Planet 3R Raspberry Ale with  just17g carbs and 5% alcohol content. This is also completely gluten free, fruity yet non-sweet ale and the manufacturers also follow the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle.
  3. Yuengling Light Lager- This is a healthy low carb and low calorie beer with just 9grams of carbs. It is also big on taste as far as low carb beers go.
  4. Michelob Ultra Amber- Most on the low carb diet love this low carb beer for its taste.
  5. Amstel Light- at 5 gram this is a really light yet non watery low carb beer.
  6. Accel- At just 2.4g this has perhaps the lowest carb content and the 4% alcohol is also fresh tasting adding just 89 calories.
  7. Coors Light- Looking for a watery crisp flavor, then at 5g carb content, you will find that Coors Light fits the low carb beer bill perfectly.
  8. Michelob Ultra Amber- Another nice flavored light and low carb beer with just 3.7g carbs in 12 oz bottle.
  9. Sam Adam’s Light Lager- No sacrifice on flavor here; the company has managed to create the perfect tasting low carb beer that still stands up to its flagship brand.
  10. Corona Light- With only 4.5g of carbs per 12 ounces, we love Corona Light.
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Have any other low carb beer you love? Then do share it with us.