Low Carb Fruits: Can You Eat Fruits on the Ketogenic Diet?

bunch of raspberry and grapes

A mistake majority of the low carb ketogenic dieters make is assume that all fruits are good for them and that they mostly belong to the “low carbohydrate food” category.  Ask any person what s/he thinks about fruits and 99% of them will agree that all fruits are healthy for any diet and not just the Low Carb ketogenic diet. Fruits are way “up there” as far as the healthiest and the most natural foods are concerned.

However, what most dieters do not know is that certain fruits can be very high in sugar which ends up contributing to overall carbohydrate intake. Many Ketogenic dieters using Ketostix (for measuring ketones in the urine) are naturally disheartened to see poor results in the test. The reason could be hidden carbohydrates slipping in their food unknown to them. One such major contributor of carbs is fruits. So, we are going to debunk that myth that all fruits are healthy for those on Ketogenic diet. We will also attempt to answer the question whether one can indeed eat fruits on low carb keto diet?

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Choosing foods wisely


We consider going on the low carb diet as equivalent to being on strict budget. Just as in case of being on a tight budget one would only spend where needed the most; the same is true regarding carb consumption. You have to choose your foods wisely so that you stay within your daily limit of carbohydrates. Failure to do so will only negate your efforts.

Now, fruits and vegetables also come in various shapes and sizes. So, you cannot compare apples to apples (pun intended) when it comes to selecting the best low carbs fruits. So, to level the playing field for you, we have come up with an excellent list of the ultimate fruits and their carb content below. These are all based upon the same portion so you can compare and choose the right low carb fruits.

Fruits with lowest carbohydrate content

  1. Watermelon-These are the winners in the list of low carb fruits since they are very high in water content. They have only 4g carbs in a 50g portion.
  2. Strawberries- The next in the list of low carb fruits is this red fruit. It is also packed with antioxidants for tons of other health benefits. It too contains 4 g carbs in 50 g portion.
  3. Cantaloupe Melon- This sweet fruit also contains only about 4 g of carbs in 50 g portion size.
  4. Avocado- This fruit is extremely rich in antioxidants and contains only about 4g of carbs in 50 g serving size.
  5. Honeydew Melon- This sweet fruit belongs to the low carb fruits list owing to presence of just 5g of carbs in 50g serving size.
  6. Peaches- This fruit has the same carb content as Honeydew melon-5g in 50g portion.
  7. Blackberries- this too contains approximately 5g carbohydrates in 50 grams of portion size.
  8. Grapefruits- All varieties of grapefruits are excellent for low carb dieters as they have only about 5 g of carbs in 50 g size.
  9. Oranges- These too fit in on the list of low carb fruits and have about 5g carbs in 50 g serving size.
  10. Nectarines and Clementines- These have approximately 6g carbs in 50g portions.
  11. Plums and Raspberries- These contain approximately 6g carbs in 50g portion size.
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Avoid these fruits when on Low carb diet

Dates and Raisins can contain nearly 76g carbs in a single ½ cup serving. Bananas are also relatively high in carbs with a medium-sized fruit containing nearly 20 gram carbs. Apples and pears, with skin, and all varieties contain approximately 20 grams in 1 medium portion. Grapes are also struck off our low carb fruits list as they can contribute to nearly 25g carbs in 1 cup. Do avoid candied or dried fruits as well as canned fruits in syrup.

In conclusion: can you eat fruits while on a low carb diet

As can be seen many low carb high fiber fruits are good to have throughout the day while you are on the Ketogenic diet. Starting with breakfast, you could include a few strawberries and oranges alongside an omelette. You could also try snacking on fruits in-between meals or have them as dessert following your lunch and dinner. Try as far as possible to limit starchy and sugary fruits and especially steer clear of fruit juices which claim to be sugar-free but may be packed with high fructose corn syrups. Refer to our list of low carb fruits above when in doubt.