The Best Ingredients for a Successful Keto Diet

sliced food on round red ceramic plate

The benefits of Keto Diets are many: weight loss, regulation of your metabolism, prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and so on.  Ketosis can even regulate the brain’s energy and activity levels.  It has an amazing range of capabilities due to the way the body uses the fats stored in the body and those that you ingest.

Through careful dieting, you can reach this state of ketosis and a new kind of equilibrium by controlling your intake of carbs, sugars, proteins, and fats.  It’s highly recommended that you do whatever you can to avoid eating and using sugar.  This can mess everything up and cause high spikes in insulin levels, which is bad for someone trying to stabilize their body’s production.

So, what are the best things you should eat that provides you with the necessary amounts of protein and fat, without worrying about carbohydrates sneaking in?  Here’s a good list to use as a foundation for those new to the Keto diet.  Use these ingredients to shape meals around them as you get more comfortable with your new cooking lifestyle. You can also check out our low carb foods group for more great ideas.

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Excellent source of protein and fat that works in tons of meals and servings(scrambled, cheesy, etc.)

Keto Eggs


If you don’t like bacon, then you’re wrong.  There’s not a lot of meals that don’t go well with bacon.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, heck even dessert.

Keto Bacon

Cream Cheese

Amazing binder for your recipes and making creamy sauces for your dinners.

Keto Cream Cheese

Sliced & Shredded Cheeses

This is a Keto dieter’s best friend, cheeses go everywhere, preferably where the bacon goes, too.

Keto Sliced Cheese

Leafy Greens

Never neglect your vegetables, regardless of your diet.  Baby Spinach and Romaine lettuce can basically be eaten out of the prepared bags.  So delicious and a decent source of protein.

Keto Leafy Greens

Boneless Chicken or Chicken Cutlets

It’s always good to have a bunch of these on-hand.  Chicken is worry-free cooking that takes no time to prep.

Keto Boneless Chicken

Ground Beef

Burgers are great, who doesn’t like burgers?  Experiment with the different fat contents to modify your Keto diet, that’s the beauty of it, it’s very flexible.

Keto Ground Beef

Mixed Nuts

My go-to nuts are almonds as they are a great protein source.  Macadamia nuts have a little less in carbs than almonds and an excellent source of fat content.  You can also get a wide range of flavors to mix things up, so to speak.  Be sure to monitor your portion size and any sugar content as they can add up quickly.

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Keto Mixed Nuts